We are a team of professionals in the areas of cognitive neuroscience, psychology, neurophysiology, medicine, computer engineering and information technology, who work in conjunction with a financial, business and investment vision consultant, and web programming and developer experts. 

Our team contains professionals with quality academic training in internationally prestigious centers. We look for concrete visions of the needs within the niches in which have training to carry out innovative projects.

We are realistic and committed to down to earth products that solve current real issues in the above areas, always betting on novelty and generating differential proposals.


Co-founder – President

Leandro Castelluccio

MSc Cognitive Neuroscience
B.S. Psychology
Areas of Knowledge: psychology, neuroscience, research, EEG, TMS, fMRI, SPM, Matlab, R, Spss, XML Jats, scientific writing


Co-founder – Director

Federico Romano

Student of Neurophysiology
Medical Student
Areas of Knowledge: neurophysiology, medicine, EEG, evoked potentials, electrical studies of the peripheral system