Explore the mind

Controlling video games, robotic arms, drones or even a wheelchair only with your mind. Knowing your emotional state just by watching a screen. What we have always seen in sci-fi movies is happening now and these are some of the development lines of Naxon.

The major current technology leaders agree that the 21st century is the era of technology based on Neuroscience, also known as Neurotechnology.

How does all this happen?

The answer is BCIs: brain computer interfaces.

These are devices that read brain information, which a software then analyzes and finally uses to make commands that move robotic arms or control video games, read emotional  and cognitive states, and infinite more possibilities.

In Naxon we work with the most modern, cheap, practical BCI and the least invasive, the portable EEG.

Similar to a simple headband, wireless, comfortable and lightweight but with the potential to read your mind in real time.

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