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The power of Brain Computer Interfaces

Exploring the mind for everyone

Meet the Future: Neurotechnology

The major current technology leaders agree that the 21st century is the era of technology based on Neuroscience

How does all this happen?

The answer is BCIs – Brain Computer Interfaces: these are devices that read brain information, which a software then analyzes and finally uses to make commands that move robotic arms or control games, read emotional and cognitive states or stages of sleep, and infinite more possibilities.

Similar to a simple headband, wireless, comfortable and lightweight but with the potential to read your mind in real time

Applying the most easy to use interface and innovative software tools

  • Work Psychology, Human Resources and Mental Health Practitioners
  • Product and Service Testing
  • Improved Accessibility and Communication
  • Low Cost Brain Research with Portable EEG

Our Solutions – How can we help you

Monitoring cognitive and emotional states

Communication for the impaired made accessible

Controlling devices such as robotic arms and wheelchairs

Researching the brain made easy for everyone