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We are realistic and commited. We solve real issues.
We are a team of professionals in the areas of cognitive neuroscience, psychology, neurophysiology, medicine, computer engineering and information technology, who work in conjunction with a financial, business and investment vision consultant, and web programming and developer experts.
Our team contains professionals with quality academic training in internationally prestigious centers. We look for concrete visions of the needs within the niches in which have training to carry out innovative projects.
We are realistic and committed to down to earth products that solve current real issues, always betting on novelty and generating differential proposals.
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Brain-Computer Interfaces
The major entrepreneurial leaders and experts in technology agree that the 21st century is the century of technology based on neuroscience or better known as Neurotechnology.
Within this area, Brain-Computer Interfaces are positioned more and more as the new technological device that will mark a whole generation and that will be the base and the vanguard of future hardware and software ventures.
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Advantages of portable EEG technology

Expand the accessibility and control of the environment of people with physical difficulties.
Portable low-cost EEG devices developed with wireless connectivity, confortable and easy to install.
Can be used by medical, clinical and professional centers, schools and for mind-controlled applications.
How it works
Under the concept of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), Naxon uses portable EEG equipment to obtain neuronal information based on brain waves, which is recorded in a software and data platform, which has tools for analysis and assistance in a diagnosis and treatment.
We intend to lay the foundations for using big data and machine learning techniques. The platform is available in a Software-as-a-Service format.
Main Team
We develop practical tools for innovative applications.
Leandro Castelluccio
Co-founder - President
Leandro Castelluccio
MSc Cognitive Neuroscience
B.S. Psychology
Federico Romano
Co-founder - Director
Federico Romano
Student of Neurophysiology
Medical Student
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