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Naxon participated in the Global Digital Services Summit '19
March 30, 2020.
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The development of portable systems and applications of brain computer interfaces is at the forefront of technological innovation. Naxon introduces a key area and presents new paradigms to the field of technology. This was demonstrated in the openness and interest we received during the summit. We hope to continue improving our technology and open up business opportunities and knowledge sharing.


The objective of the forum in which we participated is to provide an opportunity for participants to exchange the latest trends in the global services sector and identify business and investment opportunities for SMEs in Latin America and the Caribbean. More than 600 companies participated in the event.


As mentioned at mitagds, "the exponential acceleration of digital transformation presents a challenge and an opportunity for governments and companies in the Latin American and Caribbean region to unite to improve the lives of their citizens and the competitiveness of their economies ... "

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"...I think what's gonna happen tomorrow with Uber, you never now... In my view you will not even gonna be using a mobile phone by the way, to call a taxi. You will just think about it, validate it and it will come. Naxonlabs here in the city itself is writing or doing something on mapping the brain waves and analyzing it. So companies like that will make the Uber experience even different within the 2-3 years itself..."


Global Digital Services Summit Buenos Aires - Avinash Vashistha (Chairman & CEO Tholons)


During the event we had the opportunity to establish contacts with various potential partners and investors, generating a first instance of dialogue for the development of common projects, opening the possibility of applying our technology to various areas of interest, at the same time as we get involved in other markets that generate new possibilities. Several projects were discussed and some are already underway.


Check our twitter posts of the event