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Recent news in Neurotech
March 30, 2020.
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Find out the latest news related to neurotech, EEG wearables and neuroscience: 

  1. Neurotech in Sports: “The Head Should Always Be in the Game”
  2. Neurotechnology & Corporate Wellbeing? Yes, Please!
  3. Why we should develop neurotechnology. The brief history of neurotech: the origin of data reading, visualization, and brain stimulation technologies.
  4. The definitive guide to neuroexperience
  5. The Top Neurotechnology Devices of 2020
  6. Ulster University pioneering ways to improve the treatment of patients with serious brain injuries
  7. Epilog – Medical-grade seizure monitoring from the comfort of home
  8. New electrodes can better capture brain waves of people with natural hair
  9. (Art) Night at the Museum